The Unicorn who Couldn’t Cry

Chapter 1: Sapphire’s feelings 

Once there was a unicorn she was SO sad because she did not like being a unicorn but she couldn’t cry.

She was sent to uniland. It was normal to cry diamonds in uniland but this one unicorn was just different. 

This unicorn just  couldn’t cry. Other unicorns did not want to be friends with her because she was different because she could not cry because she was a halman

One day she hurt herself but when she went to the uni hospital the doctor said welp you’re fine because you’re not crying your eyeballs out. 

But every day her broken horn would just crack more and each day she would go to the uni hospital

The doctor would say “you’re okay, calm down”

But she knew that nothing was okay.

Chapter 2 : The BIG problem!

Sapphire’s parents died in a fire but sapphire was getting adopted! Sapphire didn’t know she was getting adopted by a human! 

Then after she got to know her parents more and the next day her human mum took her to uni land then the unicorns found out her mum was a human!! 

Then she talked to the head principal. She explained everything but no one believed her. So then she got KICKED OUT!!!! She was sooo sad she felt like she was not a unicorn.

Then she went home to have a cup of tea and rest. Her parents hated her anyways so they didn’t care. She went to her room and had a unicorn think about how she could return back and how she could say sorry.

Chapter 3: the return back to uni land!

Sapphire tried to go back to uni land but they would not let her. She had enough of this so she was moving.

 Suddenly she got a call from her friend saying she told the head principal Mr.Multi about sapphire and he said to come back! Sapphire was so excited she was bursting with tears!

Then she cancelled her trip and went back to uni land. Everyone was surprised to see her. She went straight to the head principals office. 

Mr. Multi welcomed her back. She explained everything about her parents and about how they died in a fire and FINALLY she could stay at uni land!

 A week later her friends invited her to her home and when she got there it was a surprise for coming back! She enjoyed her time and had the best time with her friends!

chapter 4: Sapphire’s birthday! 

A week later it was sapphire’s birthday. All her friends came over but luckily her mean bossy parents were out for dinner.

Her babysitter said to Sapphire’s parents that she  was keeping an eye on them but she wasn’t. The babysitter was called maddie.

Sapphire’s party was amazing. Everyone enjoyed it because there were lots of games and food. They played guess who and monopoly. They drank soda and ate chips and candy. 

The best part was the disco and they had unicorn fairy bread! For dinner they had KFC. they stayed up to 1:00 in the morning. 

She got unicorn lip gloss and glitter hair gel. Her favorite present of all was… A UNICORN CROWN! 

She had the best party of her life. At 11:00 at night they had a spa! 

Chapter 5: happy ending 

She had so much fun then one day back at uni land she made lots and lots of friends. She had the best time playing with them! 

Then you might be wondering what happened to her human parents well they left and NEVER EVER came BACK!!!! Then one of her best friend’s parents adopted Sapphire amazing right!!

She had the best life she could ever dream for!


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